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Maintaining Your Website
Website Maintenance refers to making minor changes including adding and removing text on the WebPages. Maintenance generally means making sure that your files and file directory structures are up and running properly at all times, and all your links are functional. Since HTML documents and their related graphics components are linked in specific ways, any changes or additions that you make to existing file names or directories could alter their relationship to one another. The most common result is that links are broken, and images or entire pages don't load properly. Periodic maintenance thus ensures that your website is robust and healthy. A good way to keep your website fresh is by incorporating suggestions provided by the users.
Package pricing is dependent upon the frequency of updates and changes and manner in which we receive them.  Additional web maintenance fees may be charged for large volume updates on a per occurrence basis.  Your organization will be contacted before this fee is assessed.
Semi-Annual Updates:
Quarterly Updates:
Monthly Updates:
Semi-Monthly Updates:      
Weekly Updates:
Daily Updates:
$89.95 semi-annually
$59.95 per quarter
$39.95 per month*
$49.95 per month*
$69.95 per month*
$79.95 per month*
*Contracts paid on an annual basis will receive a 5% discount.
These are basic guidelines for maintenance.  Actual fees may differ depending on the volume and type of changes.   Please contact our office to discuss specific details as they relate to your needs.  
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